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I’m a recovering skincare product junkie. My bathroom counter is full of jars and bottles of creams, serum and lotions. But they are either used once or half used, I’m pretty sure some may have even expired. As much as I like to think I’d rather invest in skincare than expensive shoes, I’m also quite lazy. Most days, I just washed my face. Full stop.

So keeping in with my new year goal (it took me forever to write this post!), I’m decluttering and stripping it down to bare minimum – my 7 skincare essentials. And I’m making an effort to actually use them because you know, age is catching up.

1. Facial Cleanser – It is essential to wash your face at night to clear product, dirt and makeup away, but washing your face in the morning isn’t always necessary. That said, I like washing my face with a cleansing treatment like Restylane Facial Cleanser to whisk away any built up oils and leave me feeling awake and my skin ready for absorption.

2. Facial Mist – Facial mists have many benefits. They’re excellent pre-makeup moisture blast and they can be used to soothe the skin and set makeup once your application is done. It’s also a great pick-me-up throughout the day. To give my skin extra hydration and radiance, I spritz Lacues Rose Balancing Mist on before any serum or lotion. It provides natural antioxidant barrier protection and balances skin tones.

3. Serum – I’m using Lacues Organic Serum. It comes in various formulation for different skin types. I’m using the lavender one for hydration and replenish moisture loss. I like how its potent active ingredients are instantly absorbed into my skin leaving it feeling so much smoother.

4. Facial Oil – Nothing wrong with regular cream but I find Lacues Miracle Oil does my dry skin wonders. This luxurious, lightweight skin treat doesn’t leave my face greasy and is made of a natural blend of pure, botanical essential oils. It leaves my skin feeling very nourished and plumped out.

I think it’s an excellent all rounder. Sometimes you just want a product that you can fall back on time and time again without having to wonder whether or not it’ll break you out or react with the ingredients in your serum.

5. Sunblock – A sunblock is a must for me now, especially after noticing signs of pigmentation appearing on my skin. I like Blended Organic Sunblock because it’s made from pure plant-based extracts and essential oils to provide a SPF coverage of 25. I can even use it confidently on Lauren and Georgia, knowing that there isn’t any unknown chemicals that could be too harsh on their baby-fine skin.

6. Tinted Sunblock – I use Dermagold Tinted Sunblock with SPF 30+ on days when a little make-up is appropriate. It allows me to get ready faster whenever I need to head outdoor. I like that it gives me a good coverage without the heavy feeling of having foundation on.

7. Night cream – At night, I like finishing my routine with a high concentrate of stabilised hyaluronic acid found in Restylane Night Cream. Just a pump of the cream is enough apply all over my face and neck. The patented NASHA technology locks in water, improves elasticity and reduces fine lines.


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