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  • cheriealexis

    Cherie Alexis

    – dance tutor and performer –

    I don’t ever wear any makeup base unless I have to (ie. events, performances, etc) and that means I always try to take good care of my slightly sensitive combination skin. Recently @blended.sg sponsored me two of their products to review (the coffee scrub and glowing apple cider toner) and while trying to salvage the allergic reaction I had from the post wisdom tooth op medicine I took, i gave them a shot and though the coffee scrub was initially a little harsh, it’s amazing when my skin is not sensitive, and when used with lesser pressure and in smaller amounts. the toner is incredibly refreshing and great for mornings (I don’t use cleanser in the morning) to clear out excess oil and after dance. also, they dont test their products on animals!! do check them out at their stores at scape and chijmes this Thursday and Friday, they’ll be happy to introduce you to affordable, organic, cruelty free products and recommend you the best products for your skin.

  • sunzhen

    Seet Shu Zhen

    – well-recognized contemporary and street jazz dancer crowned champion crew with Super24 Limited Ed –

    My friend passed me some of her company’s, @blended.sg, skincare products last week and its my first time trying an #organic skincare range. A week’s a really brief period of time to really experience the benefits from a skincare product but there were 2 products that actually allowed me to feel the benefits instantly! The Manuka Honey mask and Coffee Scented Face Smoothing Exfoliator! OMG, after washing off these 2 products, i CANNOT stop touching my face?! If you wanna try them out yourself, they will be having a booth at Scape tmr on friday from 12pm to 10pm!
    P.s.: Nth over 20 bucks and they have samples for you to try out too! plus point for an auntie like me.

  • narellekheng

    Narelle Kheng

    – from popular local band The Sam Willows –

    So proud that I’ve got so many friends who are starting their own business. Shout out to @blended.sg who specialize in CHEMICAL-FREE skincare! They sent over a scrub a few weeks back that I’ve been using and it really is amazing. My skin feels so soft and clean after using it and it’s so reassuring to know that it’s all organic. If you don’t believe me try it for yourself this Friday at Scape 3-10. They have a pop up store where you can try the products before investing in them!